Upcoming Projects

  • June 29, 2019 - Concert in the Clouds, with One Equall Musick (Saint James United Church, Montréal)

  • October 2019 - Hydroörganon 2.0 (details TBC)

Recent & Previous Projects

Ash Wednesday Installation

(March 2019)

St. John’s Lutheran Church (Montréal)

Morphology (Nov. 2018)

St. Matthias’ Anglican Church, Westmount

Real and Imagined Spaces (July 2018)

St. James United Church (Montréal) - w/Amy Hillis, violin

Inter-being - with wyïśya (May 2018)

Articule Gallery (Montréal)

Electroacoustic Great Vigil of Easter (March 2018)

St. John’s Lutheran Church (Montréal)

Music for the Hydroörganon

(Feb. 2018)

St. John’s Lutheran Church (Montréal)

Organ Ocean

(April 2017)

Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal (Joel Peters, organ)

The Lower Registers

André Forget

Electroacoustic Vespers (Oct. 2016)

St. John’s Lutheran Church (Montréal)

In nomine lucis (Sep. 2015)

St. John’s Lutheran Church (Montréal)


Ash Wednesday

The Composer of Space: An Infinite Music

“Cloudscape” (Koyaanisqatsi) by Philip Glass

The Composer of Space: A Failed Dream

Jenna Dennison (Video Portrait)

Electroacoustic Great Vigil of Easter

Inter-Being (Wyïśya / Earth World Collaborative)