Real and Imagined Spaces

27 July 2018 @ 12:30 | St. James United Church (Montréal)

"Real and Imagined Spaces” is a concert that pays homage to the dream of a shape-shifting concert hall. This dream was born to a struggling composer while wandering through the Scottish fog, nearly 70 years ago. The music he heard there, in that fog, with the singing wind and soft percussion of the waves, utterly changed his life. He has since spent his entire life trying to bring together the resources to build a concert hall that would not only be capable of transforming its physical space for infinite acoustic variation, but would also incorporate the elements: fog, wind, waves, cracking ice, and noise from the streets would all be woven into the music. This concert gives us a glimpse of just one aspect of this concert hall: its capacity for infinitely varied acoustics.


A Long Line (2003) - Nico Muhly (b. 1982)
Warped Spaces (2018*) - Adrian Foster (b. 1988)
Were Watson an Organ (2018*) - Jenna Dennison (b. 1987)
Trimorph (2017*) - Michael Bonaventure (b. 1962)
The Revenant Main Theme (2015) - Ryuichi Sakamoto (b. 1952)
Silhouette of a Cloud (2018*) - Joel Peters (b. 1988)
Cloudscape (from Koyaanisqatsi) (1982) - Philip Glass (b. 1937)

(*World premiere)


Amy Hillis, violin
Joel Peters and Adrian Foster, organ
Christopher Murtagh, sound engineer

Inspired by a short story by André Forget

Listen to excerpts from the concert: