Earth World Collaborative is a creative force generating new works of music, art, film, and literature through collaboration.

Founded in 2018 by composers and organists Joel Peters and Adrian Foster, the collaborative’s activities are centred on immersive story concerts, which integrate electronics, original compositions, projection, lighting, and special effects. These concerts generate a web of satellite projects that allow for innovative collaborations across numerous disciplines.

A setellite project relates either closely or broadly to the central event, creating a kind of collaborative atmosphere that allows one project to inspire the other, and vice versa. For example, the ocean-themed program “Organ Ocean – Waves of Sound” saw the collaborative efforts of Peters and Toronto-based writer André Forget in creating a literary work titled “The Lower Registers” – a fantastical text that plays with the idea of building organs under the ocean.

The collaboration between Peters and Foster dates back to 2014. After learning of their shared interest in music for organ and electronics, they decided to produce a concert together. The result was “In Nomine Lucis,” a program featuring electroacoustic music by Huw Morgan and Michael Bonaventure juxtaposed with a Mass by William Byrd, Giacinto Scelsi’s In Nomine Lucis, and a brand new composition for organ by Peters, culminating in John Tavener’s glorious “Mother and Child.”

For the next project, Peters and Foster composed music for an Electroacoustic Vespers service at St. John’s Lutheran Church, in collaboration with Pr. Eric Dyck. This event (2016) saw the collaboration of many musicians, singers, artists, clergy, and others. Since then Peters and Foster have produced a variety of projects together, leading to the official launch of Earth World in February of 2018 with the concert “Music for the Hydroörganon.”

Earth World strives to produce unique programmatic concerts in immersive environments, making frequent use of artistic lighting and effects, space, and sound design in order to bring the programmatic elements to their fullest expression and provide the audience with a multi-sensory experience of the story. Our collaborative projects are not limited to concert productions but include works of literature, essays, short films, discussion forums, and liturgical music.

To date, our recurring collaborators include Jacoba Barber-Rozema (soprano), Gerald Ens (philosopher), André Forget (writer), Amy Hillis (violinist), Nick Jewell (filmmaker), Vincent Lauzon (writer and composer), Kimberley Lynch (soprano), Yuji McCall (filmmaker), Christopher Murtagh (sound engineer), Pooja Sen (graphic designer), and numerous other talented artists.