Concert in the Clouds

29 June 2019 @7:00 PM | St. James United Church (Montréal)

with One Equall Musick

Concert Teasers:

Experience music in the clouds.

“Concert in the Clouds” is a concert in praise of clouds. Clouds are ephemeral and intangible; they shape-shift, fade away, and emerge out of nowhere; they can be awe-inspiring and sublime. And likewise with music. One poet has said that “Architecture is frozen music”. For us, clouds are living music. Clouds are music you can see but can’t hear and music is a cloud you can hear but can’t see.

“Concert in the Clouds” is also the final chapter in the Composer of Space concert trilogy. And although the previous concerts (“Real and Imagined Spaces” and “Morphology”) have given the public a glimpse of the impressive properties of the shape-shifting concert hall, we are still no closer to seeing that dream become a reality. A new approach is needed: understanding.

“If only you had been in that fog and heard that music… then you would understand... then you would understand why a shape-shifting concert hall is necessary.” – Composer of Space.

And so, let us go back into the fog, back to the fog where the Composer of Space heard that life-changing music, seeking to share that experience and understand the power of clouds and music. Enter the fog and hear its music.

By donation (pay what you can). Suggested amount: $20 (adults) / $10 (seniors, students)

Organ, choir, violin, cello, electronics // Philip Glass, Adrian Foster, Joel Peters, Kayla Shears, Morton Feldman, Pēteris Vasks


This project is made possible by a generous grant from the Conseil des arts de Montréal.


One Equall Musick vocal ensemble (
Cnductor: Alexander Ross
Organ: Joel Peters & Adrian Foster
Violin: Teresa Wang
Cello: Carmen Bruno
Lighting, effects and projection mapping: Louis Stein
Videography: Nick Jewell
Composer of Space: Fred Bode
Cloud Photography: Clayton Kennedy

Presented by the Festival d'orgue St. James

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