24 November 2018 @7:30 P.m. | St. Matthias’ Anglican Church (Westmount)

Earth World Collaborative presents an unforgettable event dedicated to the study of morphing: molecular morphs, fictional morphs, melting morphs, visual morphs, sound morphs, poetry morphs, and you-name-it morphs. Our multimedia, multi-sensory journey is led by Michael Bonaventure’s entire Morphology cycle for organ + electronics, along with new compositions by Peters and Foster.

This is the second of a series of concerts dedicated to the Composer of Space's dream of a shape-shifting concert hall. In this concert we focus on the essence of the morphing powers of his dream.


Adrian Foster & Joel Peters, organ
Christopher Murtagh, sound engineer
Nick Jewell, projection mapping / lighting design
Scott Bradford / St. Matthias’ Church, producer

(Cover photo credit: Huw Morgan)

Listen to excerpts from the concert

Listen to Michael Bonaventure’s “Morphology” cycle